Frequently Asked Questions

Do you handle clearing cargo in the port of destination?

We leave that to the local island’s broker. They are more knowledgeable and effective in the process of getting your cargo cleared with the local customs.

Can we ship to your company the items we have purchased so that they can be consolidated, packaged for export, and delivered to the ocean carrier or air carrier of our choice?

Yes; We will receive, consolidate, and deliver your cargo as to your instruction specifications.

For how long can I store my cargo in your warehouse?

We are not equipped to be a long-term storage facility, however in some cases we do hold cargo for a month or so in order to consolidate all the cargo arriving from different sources.

What are the fees charged for storing my cargo?

After the first 3 free days, the cargo stored is charged a storage fee of 6 cents per cubic foot. ( a cubic foot is 12" x 12" x12" )

So, for example a standard sized pallet 5 feet in height will have a storage fee of aprox. $5.00 per day.

Do you handle the documentation requirements for ocean or air carriers?

Yes, we do. We will ask you to provide any missing invoices/receipts for the cargo you ship to us. Then when the cargo is delivered to the carrier we will deliver the documentation required at the same time.

Do you act as my representative if any issues arise with the ocean/air carrier?

Yes, we can assist you in resolving any problem you may have with the carrier, to the best of our abilities.

"Don't worry, we've got you covered."