I have lived on an Out Island in The Bahamas since 1995, and in that time have come to rely on Tony Poletti at Heartland International Trading for ......well almost everything.

I have built, restored, or helped renovate several houses and a couple of hotels ...... and Tony has never failed in timeliness, resourcefulness, willingness, and helpfulness.

His desire to recommend insights, solutions, or alternatives ....... along with a rather unusual serenity, politeness, and good humor - is exemplary .

I cannot recommend him and his services more highly; in fact he often makes me look far more intelligent than I am.

David Flint Wood – Harbour Island, The Bahamas

My brothers and I own a vacation rental home in the Bahamas, and we have worked with Tony and Heartland International Trading for 5 years. We were first introduced to Tony by a friend that we were sport fishing with off the southern end of Eleuthera. We were catching so many fish we were running low on bait ...Ballyhoo are hard to find on the island.. so our friend pulls out his cellphone while we are pulling in fish, and asks Tony to arrange to buy bait for us in Florida and airfreight it over ASAP! We had the bait two days later! Since then Tony has been our go-to guy for buying supplies and equipment for our house, putting it together on pallets, preparing customs documentation, and getting it shipped over to Eleuthera. He has always been very responsive, communicates well, has reasonable rates and gives us great service!

Gary, Chris & Craig Ashcraft

Over the past 8 years it has been our pleasure to have Tony provide a unique and personal service by purchasing and consolidating a vast number of materials that we require to carry out our business of Constructing Custom Homes here on Eleuthera - then arranging the shipment from the dock in Ft Lauderdale to us with speed and efficiency.

The service we get is second to none — done with a smile and we operate with the complete confidence that he will do his very best to make sure that he will make the transaction as painless and pleasant as possible.

Bob and Kathy Colman - Colman Design Partnership, Governors Harbour, Eleuthera, The Bahamas

We only have one problem with Tony Poletti; why did we not know him earlier in our lives??

How easy everything seems to be for him, the finding-of-the-un-findable, getting the best price, a better quality than we knew existed. We are forever indebted to his services and without even having met him, it's like having a superb friend who gets your taste and quirks. And can be trusted completely... How the world would be lovelier with a few branches of "Heartland Int'l Trading" scattered all over.

Our life on our little, remote island would be difficult without him....

Iain and Anette Fergusson - Harbour Island, The Bahamas.

For seventeen years we have survived life on a small island, with limited resources, in the middle of an ocean. Tony Poletti has been the backbone to our existence! His efficient services and reliability have meant that we are assured of island life's more essential items: fridges, freezers, generators, computers. And occasionally the luxuries: surf boards, paint ball guns and dog-beds to name a few.

India Hicks