In 1992 I started this company to satisfy a heartfelt request by a few hotels in Harbour Island, Bahamas. They told me that they needed someone to look out for them, that they were tired of people showing up at their doorstep with fancy promises of “ Good service”, only to be disappointed a few months down the road.

At that time I was working in a small port that received and shipped cargo to all the islands in the Bahamas. There, I witnessed the challenges and (often) frustration the shippers experienced in dealing with companies here in the US.

Now, more than 20 years later, I still operate my company with the same philosophy I had the day I started:

Every request, every purchase, every shipment has to reflect my commitment to this company’s clients to provide the best service we are capable of.

I have been rewarded and motivated every day by the genuine appreciation and gratitude of many of our clients, they are the reason we have been successful, and growing as a company each year.